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We carry the finest Essential, Fragrance and Blended Oils available. No Alcohol or carrier oils are ever added.
Our oils come in 1.5 dram bottles, which you can purchase individually, or in variety packs of three to six. NEW 1/3 ounce Roll-on bottles, and Larger sizes now available! For those of you who want to try something new, NOW Available are (.5ml) sample vials for just $2.00 each They are available in the following fragrances:
Africian Rain F Hawaiian Ginger F Petigrain E
Almond(HOT) E Hawaiian Sandalwood F Pine EC
Amber Dark E Hawaiian Winds B Pixie Magick B
Amber (Umber) Rose E Heather EC Plum F
Ambergris F Hibiscus F Plumeria F
Ambrosia F Highlands Heather F Pomegranate F
Ameretto F Holiday Spice B Prosperity B
Amethyst B Honeysuckle EC Protection B
Apple F Honeysuckle(Sweet) F Pumpkin F
Autumn Harvest B Hyacinth F Rain F
Avalon B Indian Musk F Rain Forest F
Awaphui F Egyptian Queen (Isis) B Rapscallion F
Balsam Fir EC Island Sunset B Raspberry F
Bay Rum E Jasmine EC Rendezvous B
Bayberry EC Jasmine Moon B Romance F
Belladonna E Jasmine Rose F Rose F
Bergamot E Kalei B Rose Geranium E
Berries & Cream B Kush EC Rosemary E
Black Magick B Lavender EC Rosewood E
Black Tea F Lavender, English (40/42) E Sage & Citrus B
Black Walnut B Lavendin (French) E Sage, Clary E
Bliss B Leather F Sage Dalmation E
Blue Moon B Lemon (Verbena) E Sakura F
Blueberry F Lemongrass E Sand Castles B
Calendula E Leonardo's Lavender B Sandalwood Arabian E
Carnation E Lilac F Sandalwood Egyptian E
Cedarwood (Virgina) E Lily of the Valley EC Sandalwood Light F
Celtic Mist B Lime F Sandalwood Woody E
Chai Tea F Lotus Blossom EC Saytr EC
Cherry Blossom F Love Potion B Scarlett Rose F
Cherry F Magnolia F Seamair B
China Rain F Manderin Sky B Seduction B
Cinnamon (HOT) F Mid Summer's magick B Serenity B
Cinnamon Leaf E Midnight Moon B Sherwood Forest B
Citronella E Midnight Rain F Siren's Song B
Clarity B Misti Mountains B Spanish Moss F
Clove (BUD) E Moi Moi B Spearmint E
Coconut F Moon Goddess B Spellbound B
Cool Breeze B Mother Earth B Spice F
Coriander Rose F Mulberry F Strawberry F
Cosmic Minstrel B Musk China Dark F Sugarplum Fairy B
Cranberry F Musk China Light F Summer Breeze B
Cucumber EC Musk Dark EC Summer Daisy F
Cypress EC Musk Egyptian EC Summer Rain F
Dodwood F Musk Light F Sweet Meadows B
Dragon's Blood EC Myrrh Moroccan E Sweet Pea F
Dragon's Spirit B Myrrh Tunisian EC Sweetgrass EC
Dragon's Tears B Mystic Forest B Tangerine F
Dream Pillow B Nag Champa F Tea Leaf & Jasmine B
Eucalyptus E Namaste B Tea Tree E
Fiji Gardens B Nectar of the Nile B Teak Sandalwood F
Frangipanni EC Neroli E Thieves EB
Frankincense & Myrrh EB Oakmoss E Thor B
Frankincense Tunisian EC Ocean Dreams B Thyme E
Freak of Nature B Odin B Tibet B
Freesia F Olwen B Tonka Bean E
Fresh Cut Grass F Opium China White EC Tuber Rose F
Fruit of the Vine F Opium Tunisian EC Twilight B
Funk Fairy B Orange Blossom EC Vampire's Kiss B
Galahad's Gardenia B Orange F Vanilla (Dark ) E
Gardenia F Orchid F Vanilla Rose B
Ginger F Oriental F Vervain EC
Ginger Grass E Outlaw B Vetivert E
Ginseng F Patchilla B Violet F
Golden Karma B Patchouli East Indian E Waikiki Beach B
Grapefruit E Patchouli Light EC Waterfall B
Grapefruit pink F Patchouli Rose B White Musk F
Green Tea & Bamboo B Peach F Wintergreen E
Gypsy Dreams B Pear F Wisteria F
Harvest Moon B Pennyroyal EC Witch's Brew B
Peppermint (HOT) E Wood Nymph B
Ylang Ylang E
Zen B
Zephyr B
Zeus B
B - Blend
E - Essential
EC - Essential Compound
F - Fragrance
You can list three (3) or six (6) different scents in either the three pack or six pack white boxes. You do not need to choose all the same scent if you'd like a variety.For (.5ml) sample oils, please list each individual oil, one at a time, click add to cart, then go back to the oils page to enter each sample choice individually.
Single 1.5 Dram Bottle - $12.00 Please list one oil.
3 (1.5) Dram Bottles - $30.00 Please list three oils.
6 (1.5) Dram Bottles - $55.00 Please list six oils.
One (.5ml) SAMPLE Bottle - $2.50 Please list one oil.
One 2 ounce Bottle - $65.50 Please list one oil.
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Single 1/3 Roll-on Bottle - $20.00 Please list one oil.
3 (1/3oz) Roll-on Bottles - $58.00 Please list three oils.
4 OZ Bottle - $95.00 Please list One oils.
One 8OZ Bottle - $165.00 Please list one oil.
One 16OZ Bottle - $335.00 Please list one oil.
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