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Wood Burnings

Each hand designed wood burning is unique. No two are ever exactly the same. We offer Plaques, Wedding Albums, Journals, Military Tributes, Boxes and more. Many more current peices can be veiwed on our Facebook page! Our specialty is the Custom Wedding Book, which we can personalize with the names of you and your beloved, with any special dates and sayings in any language!  We can reproduce your Family’s Coat of Arms, beloved images of pets and logo designs. We can also create any type of sign you need, for your home or your business. Each piece is signed and numbered by the artist, Jerry Sullivan. If you’d like specialty item burned, please give us a call or email, for a quote. Custom orders are encouraged and always welcomed. All wood burning orders must be ordered via email and phone.We will not knowingly reproduce any Copyrighted or Trademarked materials.

Custom Wood Burned Items

Small round/oval about 8" - 9"       $45.00

Medium round/oval about 9" - 12"       $65.00

Large round/oval about 13" - 16"            $75.00

Extra large round/oval,Military Plaque about 17" - 19"      $95.00

Extra Large Plank, rectangle  17" x 12"            $195.00

Long Box 13.5" long X 4" tall X 4" deep,         $55.00


Wedding Album, square  13" x 13"            $225.00

Book of Shadows/Journal,  12.5" x 9.5"            $195.00


Hand painting additional              $20.00

Please feel free to give us a call and speak with the artist regarding your custom wood burning piece: (941) 539-3863, ask for Jerry Sullivan